Why are Individuals Afraid to Commit to an Exercise Program?

Making a commitment to exercise is probably one of the hardest things to do for an individual….but why? With all of the documented research and studies done on the benefits of exercise, the majority of the population “still” does not maintain a regular exercise regimen. Here are a few popular “reasons” I have heard during my experience as a trainer:

a) No time during the day. b) No extra money available. c) Lack of motivation. d) No immediate results. e) Too hard and complicated.

As we progress forward as a society, the importance of exercise both scientifically and spiritually has made it very clear that individuals “must” and “should” incorporate an exercise program in their daily lives in order to live a healthier and happier life. Also, statistics don’t lie. We have seen here in America in the past few years a sharp rise in related cases to CAD(Coronary Artery Disease),Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Osteoporosis, etc….. PEOPLE IT”S TIME TO WAKE UP NOW AND START SMELLING THE ROSES!!!!!

Here is how I educate my clients as to why a “COMMITMENT” to exercise must and should be maintained for life:

a) No time during the day…MAKE THE TIME. Whether it is early in the day,middle of the day, or late in the evening everyone can find 1/2 hour or even an hour to exercise….no excuses. b) No extra money available…NO PROBLEM. As celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen and many other trainers have mentioned numerous times before(including yours truly)the only thing you need is yourself. There are hundreds of exercises that can be done with just your own body weight ( Push ups, Sit ups, Crunches, Body Twists, Leg Lifts etc..). Running, Sprinting, Jogging, Aerobics, Jumping,Dancing(yes dancing)……no money….no problem. c)Lack of motivation…THIS ONE KILLS ME! Exercise+ Cardiovascular Activity+ Healthy Diet +Positive Attitude=Strength/Longevity/Happiness/Prosperity…enough said. d)No immediate results….PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Today’s society wants everything now. Your body(as tough as it is), is a very delicate and complicated machine. Fast changes to your body weight, exercise intensity and eating abnormalities can lead to serious consequences. Please consult with your physician and a certified personal trainer before begining any type of exercise. e)Too hard and compilcated….IF IT WAS THAT EASY THEN MANY TRAINERS WOULDN’T HAVE JOBS TODAY. Exercise and eating healthy is a lifetime commitment. It is hard and frustration does set in. A certified trainer can help you determine a proper exercise program, can reccomend a proper diet, educate you on what is fact or fiction and most of all simplify your goal objective ( oh yes…I almost forgot…..HE/SHE MOTIVATES YOU TOO!!).

So there you go. Now you don’t have any more reasons for not starting a regular exercise program. Please don’t forget to consult with your physician first, then ask a qualified personal trainer for a free consultation if possible.

That’s all for now, and remember: “The more you learn about your body ,the better it will take care of you in the future.”