What is the “Real” Secret to Staying Young and Healthy?

At a recent networking group I attend a few weeks ago in NJ, I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely 75-year-old woman who, for the purpose of this post, I will refer to as “Martha”. As I entered the establishment, I encountered many professionals who represented a variety of businesses in the area – lawyers, accountants, realtors, bankers, etc.. As I introduced myself to all of these people, I came across one person who made the biggest impression on me since my professor at my personal training school last year.

What I immediately noticed about Martha was that she was a very energetic and outgoing individual. She told me that she knew who I was because she attended a Networking Lunch meeting about a month ago at which I was the guest speaker. I thanked her for coming to the lunch meeting, and I asked her what she thought about my presentation. She replied,” I have attended many networking meeting’s in my life and none of them inspired me as much as yours did, except you forgot one thing.” I sat there for a moment, and I honestly did not know what to say next.

So, at the end of the business luncheon, I went up to Martha and asked her if she would offer any clues or at least tell me what I had neglected to say in my speech and she told me something I would never forget she said,  “I have seen many things in my life, I have watched many tragedies before me, but the only thing that’s ever given me strength to live this long, besides exercising, watching what I eat and a family that loves me, has always been a “GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!”

And that my friends, you can take to the bank.