We are all affected by the state of this economy…so what can you do to remain healthy and not spend a lot of money? Here a few things you can do:

A. Getting your heart pumping does not require any equipment at all. You can jog in your neighborhood, go to your local park or (in bad weather) you can use your indoor staircase…just make sure you check with your doctor before begining any running program.

B. Bands are a great way to get a good workout without investing a lot of money in bulky expensive equipment. Imagination here is the key. Any exercise that can be done with a dumbell can definitely be done with a Band…so go for it!

C. Stability Balls are a very popular trend at this moment and they are reasonably priced. You can do numerous exercises with this instrument including agility,quickness and core exercises… what else can you ask for!!!

That’s it for now…and remember “an informed mind will ALWAYS produce a better body”!!