Eraldo Maglara Announces Launch of Jersey Fit Website

The Jersey Fit Team is pumped to announce that the Jersey Fit website is officially up and running!  The website serves as a resource to find everything you need to stay fit in New Jersey. It will also feature informative health and fitness videos with fitness trainer Eraldo Maglara, as well as instructional workout videos with the Jersey Fit Team.Discover the latest trends in the fitness industry and where to find health conscious activities, goods, vitamins, equipment and workout apparel in New Jersey. Visit the Jersey Fit website at We are currently looking for sponsorship to produce the Jersey Fit television show with NJ Discover Production Company. The show will feature the Jersey Fit Team instructing viewers on how to exercise and care for the body the right way. By using a combination of several types of exercises, along with heart-pumping music, the Jersey Fit Team will guide viewers along the best path to fitness. The show will also feature fitness, nutritional, medical and holistic experts as special guests. If your business would like to participate in sponsorship for the show, please contact Jersey Fit Sponsorship Coordinator Danielle Thibault at

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