Is there such a thing as the “Fountain of Youth?”

I recently received a phone call the other day from a middle-aged person who was interested in getting some information about my personal training services. As I do with every person I speak with, I always try my best to let the person know of the great benefits from exercising vs. not exercising and also of the impact of not maintaining a well balanced diet. Here are just a few things that I was able to share with my “perspective” new client:

1. Muscle Strength with aging decreases….with exercise it increases.

2. Muscle Endurance with aging decreases….with exercise it increases.

3. Body Fat with aging increases……with exercise it decreases.

4. Physical Function with aging decreases….with exercise increases.

Also, studies have shown, that a person ( whether a male or female) who maintains a regular exercise regimen through out their life (combined with a healthy diet of Fruits and Veggies) can expect to increase their life expectancy anywhere from 5 to 10 years longer. And what about your heart? And your bones? Exercise and a cardiovascular program have also shown to strengthen your heart and build stronger bones. How about that for an incentive to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet in your everyday life???

So, did anyone ask if there is such a thing as the “Fountain of Youth?” I say the proof is in the “Jello”.

Until next time and remember” The more you learn and take care of your body…the better it will take care of you in the future.”