Eraldo Maglara with his daughter Francesca and his son Robert

Eraldo Maglara with his daughter Francesca and his son Robert

Before you run out and get dad the usual tie, socks, aftershave or cologne this Father’s Day, reconsider and get him a gift you know he’ll love that will also encourage a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is good for dad at any age, so use this Father’s Day as an opportunity to get him motivated and moving.

Whether he’s a health and fitness fanatic or he’s only just begun to make healthy lifestyle changes, you can’t go wrong with these Father’s Day gift ideas:

Sports Equipment
Some brand new sports equipment might be the ideal gift for an athletic dad. Whether he’s into golf, tennis, bowling, cycling, ping pong etc., get him something you know he’ll enjoy using. If he’s into running, hiking or walking, give him a pair of sneakers. I recommend the Nike Air Max Cross Trainers. Now that he’s outfitted to enjoy his favorite sport, spend some quality time with him by joining him in the activity. As a fit father myself, I guarantee he will truly appreciate it.

Spa Package
Years ago a trip to the spa was thought to be a gift just for mom, but times have changed. Treat your dad to a day of rest and relaxation. Not only will he enjoy it, but it will rejuvenate his body and ease the stress, he’s built up over the years. You may want to consider a gift card for a full body massage or even just a back massage. Maybe dad needs a foot massage, too. Reflexology sessions also help to stimulate circulation, untangle sports-tortured tendons and detox.

Heart Rate Monitor
If dad is into cardio, I guarantee he’ll appreciate a heart rate monitor. It can be used to follow cardiovascular ups and downs during either recreational or competitive activity. There are a variety of heart rate monitors available that track your progress, evaluate your workout routine, and count calories burned. Basic heart rate monitors are designed to help you stay in your optimal heart rate target zone for your entire workout.

Restaurant Gift Card or Gift Basket
Is dad a health-conscious foodie? Take him to a new restaurant where healthy options dominate the menu. For a more creative gift, make him a gift basket filled with his favorite healthy foods, such as fresh-baked goods, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and snacks such as nuts or granola bars. You can also purchase a premade gift basket from certain grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market and Wegmans.

Pre-Paid 12 Session Package with a Personal Trainer
If dad is looking to get in shape, but hasn’t made the commitment yet, a great gift to consider is a pre-paid 12 session package with a personal trainer. This will help him to start on the path health and fitness. At Fitness Training by Eraldo, we offer several training packages that might interest dad.

No matter the gift you give Dad this Father’s Day, make sure you give him the gift of your time. There is no greater gift than the love of your child. My children are the inspiration for my training path as well as my daily goals, both professionally and personally. Enjoy the day!