Your core is involved in every movement you make. All the energy that you exert originates in your torso, before being transferred to your arms and legs.  A strong core reduces back pain,  improves athletic performance and improves postural imbalances. So take the time to train your core right and with consistency.  A sculpted core will not only look good, but make your body work better as a whole.

My personal favorite core exercise is the plank. At one time, I was able to hold my fixed position for 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Other core exercises that I do personally and with my clients are crunches, reverse crunches, medicine ball slams and Russian Twists. Try these exercises the next time you workout:

Crunches. Sit on the floor with knees bent and your feet flat on floor. Place your fingers behind your ears (not your head) and pull elbows back so that they are in line with body. Raise your head and shoulders and crunch your midsection towards your pelvis. Pause for about a second and then return to start position.

Reverse Crunches. Lie face up on floor with arms stretched by your side flat on floor and palms facing down. Bend your hips and knees 90 degrees (your feet should be together and off the floor). Raise your hips off the floor and crunch inward (your knees should move toward your chest). Pause for a second, then slowly lower your legs until your heals nearly touch the floor. Repeat the exercise.

Medicine Ball Slams. Grab a medicine ball and hold it above your head. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and arms slightly bent. Reach as far back as you can, then slam the ball to the floor in front of you. Pick up ball and repeat.

Russian Twist. Sit on floor with your knees bent and feet flat. Hold your arms straight out in front of you with palms together. Lean back so that your torso is at a 45-degree angle with floor. Brace your core and rotate to your right as much as you can. Pause, then repeat the movement to the left side.