At what “AGE” can you start an exercise program?

At a recent speech I gave at the local “Rotary Club” in my hometown, a question was asked by one of the club members as to what age should you start an exercise program? According to the NSCA (The National Strength & Conditioning Association) when a trainer is designing and evaluating a resistance training program for any type of person, a few key factors must be kept in mind:

1. The present condition of the individual ( i.e. Heart Condition, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Sugar Level)

2. Age and sex-related differences in body composition.

3. Muscular performance.

4. Trainability and the implications for each individual.

In theory, any person (whether an adult or a child) who is”seriously“ thinking about starting a regimented exercise program is advised to consult with their doctor (first) before beginningany type of cardio vascular or resistance training program. A certified personal trainer should also be utilized ( especially in the early stages) to make sure that an appropriate program is designed for the individual as well as proper posture and technique. Also, keep in mind, that a well balanced diet is the “key” to keeping your body looking good and performing up to it’s best…ask anyone who is in the field!!!

So, at what age can you start an exercise program? It totally depends on the individual…..

That’s all for now and remember” an informed mind will always build a better body!!!”