A Mental Change is the Only Way to Achieve a Physical Change

I am a strong believer that the mind is the  key component to a healthier and better you. If you think that mind has no bearing on your lifestyle choice then you are living in denial. People that make that mental switch, or as I like to call it a lifestyle minded change, are the ones that will see their body transform into a beautiful work of art. But why do so many people fail to recognize this concept? The answer is…IT’S HARD TO DO!

Let’s face it. If making that switch was that easy we would not have an obesity epidemic in this country today. The latest figures put the percentage of obese adults in this country to over 30%. The children’s rate is fast approaching the 20%. That means a combined 150 million people are faced with the inevitable problems associated with obesity. So, why do many people still fail to recognize this concept? The answer is…IT’S TOO HARD TO DO!

Our minds a very a complex tool. We constantly process information and make split decisions in an instant. As much as we understand what is happening around us, we sometimes have a hard time going against our better judgement. For example, we know that eating processed and fried foods or meals containing high sugars or salt are not good for us, but we do it anyway. We know that drinking too much alcohol can have a major impact on our organs, but we do it anyway. And the latest data on smoking could not be more damaging to our health than ever before, and yes, we do it anyway.

It’s time to wake up! We need to start taking better care of ourselves. We are headed in the wrong direction and unless we make a mental switch and change our lifestyle for the good, we will be facing an epidemic like never before. Make that switch. Make that switch now.

Remember, take care of your body today and it will take care of you tomorrow!